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Angelenos Against Gridlock is an advocate for a world-class transportation system for Los Angeles County, the most populous county in America.


Weekend Reading: Think Bike LA Presentations

David Murphy

It’s the weekend — a perfect chance to sit back and review the Think Bike LA presentations. If you didn’t get the memo, on September 22 & 23rd, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs sponsored a program called Think Bike LA to help us learn from how the Dutch do things. (Streetsblog’s write up is here.) And boy do they know what they’re doing.

From the opening session: a presentation on how the Dutch infrastructure & culture supports biking:

Think Bike LA - Dutch Presentation Embedded using slideshare

Like what you see? The source for the presentation above, the LADOT Bike Blog, has PowerPoints from the three working groups that spread out across Los Angeles to envision how different parts of the City could be transformed. Don’t miss these presentations.