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Santa Monica, CA

Angelenos Against Gridlock is an advocate for a world-class transportation system for Los Angeles County, the most populous county in America.


Download the Transit 101 Guide & Make a New Year's Resolution to Try Transit!

David Murphy

While most of our dedicated followers are of course true transit afficianados, for many Angelenos, public transportation remains an unknown — a sometimes intimidating mode of travel that’s foreign to the “car cultured” among us.

That’s why Angelenos Against Gridlock has produced a handy “Transit 101” guide for people to learn the basics about trying public transportation. View, download, or print the guide below. (Click here to view it directly on Scribd if the embedded version doesn’t appear, or view a basic HTML version), or download a printable PDF, and make a new year’s resolution to try transit!

Already a transit rider? Great! You’re an enlightened Angeleno. Why not tweet out a link to this guide, share it on Facebook, or email your friends and colleagues who aren’t (yet) transit riders.

And want to get an early start on that resolution to take public transportation? Metro is offering free rides on New Years Eve (9 pm - 2 am), and extended (paid) hours, too

Transit 101 Guide: click here to view a larger, readable, size.