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Angelenos Against Gridlock is an advocate for a world-class transportation system for Los Angeles County, the most populous county in America.


Book: Car-Free Los Angeles and Southern California

David Murphy

A new book, Car-Free Los Angeles and Southern California, by author and transit planner Nathan Landau is now available. He describes it as a “travel guide for visitors (or staycationers) who want to see Southern California via transit.” Sounds like a good Christmas gift to get for relatives in other cities who may be visiting LA some day soon!

The book can be purchased from the publisher now, or from Amazon for the Kindle now. (Amazon will have print copies next month, it looks like).

The book is described as follows: 

The time has come for Car-Free Los Angeles and Southern California. The peril of global climate change dominates the headlines. In California almost 40% of greenhouse gases come from transportation. More and more people—especially young people—are realizing the current approach to mobility is not sustainable.

Car-Free Los Angeles and Southern California is designed as a complete guide to a car-free vacation in Southern California, from the time travelers land or arrive until the time they leave. Car-Free Los Angeles and Southern California reveals how to get from the airport—or the train station or bus station—into town. For Los Angeles or Southern California residents, this book tells how to plug into the transit network and start traveling car-free to the local attractions.

Contrary to old stereotypes, Southern California is a great place to travel car-free. It has a lovely train that travels along the coast. It has a ferry across the water to a town with a limit on the number of cars—Avalon on Catalina Island. There’s a beautiful city that gives you discounts for traveling car-free. Los Angeles’ buses go to the front door of world class museums, theatres, and shops. Disneyland will shuttle travelers from motels to the park.

The book lists good places to stay that are transit accessible. Car-Free Los Angeles and Southern California discloses the terrific things to see and do in Southern California with detailed information on how to get there. Whether it’s sightseeing, shopping, eating, visiting museums or something else altogether—Car-Free Los Angeles and Southern California will get you there.

If this book interests you, also check out How to Live Well Without Owning a Car, written in 2006 by Chris Balish, who has gone on to currently co-host ABC’s On the Red Carpet — proving once again that transit advocates can be quite hip, indeed. Your humble blogger can attest to his transit mettle, having run into him on the Big Blue Bus.