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TOMORROW: Metro Board Construction Committee to Vote on Cost Overuns

David Murphy

Tomorrow’s Metro Board Construction Committee meeting will feature a discussion and vote on cost increases.

View the Agenda hereMeeting location: Metro Board Room, One Gateway Plaza, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles. Time: Thursday, May 16, 2013 10:15 a.m.

Item 39 is a report on and vote on an “increase to the [Life of Project] budget by $78.7 million.”  The full report is embedded below. Some highlights:

What Tomorrow’s Vote is About:

Approve an increase to the LOP budget by $78.7 million, increasing the LOP budget from $1 ,070.7 million to $1,149.4 million


Initial Contingency Funds Too Small:

  • "The original Project budget contained an inadequate contingency of 3.7%."



Schedule to Complete 

The current Substantial Completion date for the Project is May 31 , 2013. At this time, Kiewit has not substantiated any excusable delays to the project, however, Kiewit has informed Metro that the anticipated Substantial Completion is now September 2014. 

Metro believes that the work will be completed in June 2014, but in any case the original Substantial Completion date will not be met. Staff has requested a recovery schedule from Kiewit to mitigate delays, but Kiewit has not provided an acceptable recovery schedule to date. Metro is preparing a time impact analysis for the project, and will update the Board as schedule revisions are accepted.

Landscaping at Risk:

  • Landscaping may be deleted from the project, with the approval of the City of LA and Caltrans.”

Read the full Metro staff report: 

(Click here to read the report if you can’t see the embedded document below: