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Angelenos Against Gridlock is an advocate for a world-class transportation system for Los Angeles County, the most populous county in America.

Archived 405 Blog Content

San Fernando Valley Council of Governments Prioritizes 405 Corridor Transit

David Murphy

The  San Fernando Valley Council of Governments has assembled a list of its top transportation priorities, and the list has this to say on transit in the Sepulveda Pass corridor:

Develop the 1-405/Sepulveda Pass and East San Fernando Valley (ESFV) North-South Transit Corridors 

The ESFV Transit Corridor project is currently in the Draft Environmental phase and is considering both Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail Transit alternatives between Ventura Blvd to the south and the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink Station to the north. 

lnterconnectivity with stations on the Metrolink Ventura County and Antelope Valley Lines, Metro Orange Line and major east-west bus corridors, as well as with the Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor project, is fundamental to the success of the project. 

The purpose of the Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor is to improve transit connections between the San Fernando Valley and the Westside. 

Both the ESFV and Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor projects are included in the Constrained Element of the LRTP. In March 2013 the Board approved an amendment to the lnfraConsult contract to also explore Public Private Partnership (P3) feasibility for these projects as well as the Airport Metro Connector. On May 1, 2013 an industry forum was held with the private sector and 17 responses to the Request for Information (RFI) were received by May 20, 2013.