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Archived 405 Blog Content

Liveblog: Updates from Tonight's Metro Community Update Meeting

David Murphy

Tonight, Metro is conducting a community briefing at Westwood Recreation Center on the 405 project.

The presentation will be posted on Metro’s website here, when they make it available.



Some highlights from the meeting follow below. (As this is a liveblog, please forgive any typos.)


Brace yourself for the 90 day, 24hr/day closure of the Eastbound Wilshire -> Northbound 405 on ramp. It will be closed for 90 days starting in late August. (The exact start date is TBD.) 


  • They’ll have 24 traffic control officers and detours to try to deal the traffic impacts.


Brace yourself for the 120 day, 24 hour/day closure of the Northbound Sunset Off ramp at Sunset, starting August 3.

  • Sepulveda Blvd will also experience intermittent closures.


  • Freeway Signage Regarding Closures: A vigorous series of public comments have been made requesting electronic signage along the 405 alerting of upcoming exit closures. (At least four people have chimed in throughout the public comment period in favor of electronic signs.) Currently, small, hard to spot “Ramp Closed Ahead” signs placed at pavement level are often the only advance notice, and they’re extremely easy to overlook.  Metro staff say there are 70 closures a night and it would be difficult to do signage for them all, but we’ve asked that at least the major spots be covered, e.g. Santa Monica, Wilshire, Sunset, etc.  
  • Community Claims: the Office of Inspector General determined that Kiewit has done due diligence properly on claims. OIG did not look at the validity of claims.
  • 24/7 Work: Q: Are you going to be working 24/7? A: “Yes, we are working double shifts everyday.” [We find it hard to agree that 24/7 work is being done.] Q: When will it be done? A: We anticipate substantial completion in Summer of 2014.
  • Design/Build: one speaker says, the community is frustrated about the design/build process, and one speaker feels that the community is the one suffering. (The LA Times editorial on the 405 has somethings to say about the implementation of design/build here as well.)
  • Getting to Bel Air: a question was asked about accessing Bel Air. Staff say when Sunset will be closed, Moraga or Getty will be open. 
  • Veterans Affairs Commuters & Access: questions and comments regarding commute options for Veterans Affairs employees have been discussed. A Traffic Control Officer will be placed at Constitution and Sepulveda during the upcoming ramp closure. It was noted that the Western entrance of the VA has been closed since it was “temporarily” closed for Carmageddon, but it was also noted since this was closed the cut-through traffic has been stopped.
  • Animals: a question regarding animal crossing options was made, and it appears that the Skirball bridge construction impacts existing options for the some of the Westside’s wilder residents. Here’s a Metro PDF about animal impacts caused by the 405 project, promising to preserve options “during and after” the 405 construction—whether that’s actually happening is the subject of a question asked tonight.
  • Another comment: let’s get at least one electronic sign at Santa Monica Blvd.

And that’s a wrap.