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Archived 405 Blog Content

Liveblog: Metro Board Construction Committee Underway Right Now

David Murphy

The Metro Board Construction Committee is meeting right now. To listen in, call 213-922-6045. We’re very concerned about the delays on the project and their impact on commuters, businesses, and residents.

We’re liveblogging below. Please excuse any typos, as this is a liveblog. (Update: we’ve come back and cleaned things up a bit.)

The Committee voted to move the following budget modifications on to the full board:

Bid Modifications for the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project (under consideration) by

K.N. Murthy’s Project Delivery Status Report:

  • Right now, the project is 66% complete, and they probably have addressed the unknowns. They are in a position to go ahead and come to the board and give this update.
  • Contract calls for May 2013 completion.
  • LOP increased to 1.149 billion 
  • Will come back to Board in March to discuss more budget details.

Mike Barbour (405 Project Director)’s Update:

  • Significant utility issues have cause delays
  • Underground box found requires ~$30 million in work. Not identified in advance. 
  • GSA, Getty, Giro issues
  • GSA (Federal Gov’t) wouldn’t let them get on their property until 3-4 months after the date they wanted to 
  • Getty changes: negotiated with Getty to make changes.
  • Giro lawsuit led to change of ramps at Getty.
  • MSE (retaining) walls: contractors had to tear down and reconstruct 16 major walls
  • Mulholland Bridge: changed staging to save time and save funds in terms of utility issues
  • Sepulveda: one of the major issues is getting traffic through Sepulveda. They had negotiated to widen area between Montana and Church. Was a huge benefit.
  • County has asked for changes. City has asked for changes.  Entities involved did not request during the environmental process (in advance).
  • This job has more third party issues than others he’s worked on: Getty, VA, GSA, UCLA. A real challenge to coordinate all of these.
  • Sepulveda Blvd has a lot of oil companies’ lines underneath. Lots of coordination required.
  • Arguably the design-build process saved seven years off the overall project timeline. Cost-benefit analysis of saving the seven years is really worth it.
  • A real problem was that there was no detailed analysis of the utilities under Sepulveda Pass in advance. Don Knabe chimed in and said we knew there were lots of underground lines there in advance, and Mike Barbour said it was worse than thought.
  • Murthy chimed in: utility companies like gas companies don’t let anyone else touch their utility lines, so if the utilility companies are slow to act on needed work, it cascades problems for other work.
  • This year they’re looking at completing all the utility work, 90% of all the ramps (e.g. Wilshire ramps), doing a 2.5 mile opening of HOV lane between 10 and Ohio. They’ll finish the rest of the HOV lane next year (late).
  • Getty Center gate and road improvements are an issue.
  • 405-10 connectors will be a key future delivery (that is, won’t happen this year).

Also worth noting: Scott Cassels is here. He is Group President of Kiewit Infrastructure Group.

We’ll be posting highlights of the slides in a separate post shortly.