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Archived 405 Blog Content

Live Blog from Today's Metro Board Construction Committee: 405 Budget Vote Deferred

David Murphy

We will be updating this post with any major developments from today’s Metro Board Construction Committee meeting.  

Here’s a link to the agenda.

Highlights so far:

  • Nothing to report yet — the meeting is about fifteen minutes late starting, so far. (We can only hope this meeting starts sooner than a recent Metro Board meeting, which was almost 45 minutes late starting. The lack of respect these delays show for Metro Board members, Metro staff, and not to mention the public in attendance, is an ongoing concern.  
  • Still waiting. As of now, Pam O’Connor and Ara Najarian are idling at their seats with the rest of us, while we apparently await committee chair Don Knabe, and committee members Jose Huizar and Zev Yaroslavsky.)
  • A quorum has been reached, with Zev’s arrival. The meeting has now started (although Committee Chair Don Knabe and member Jose Huizar remain absent).
  • Item 37 has passed, authorizing a contract  modification for the 405 project relating to the Mulholland Overcrossing.
  • Right now, Metro’s Excutive Director, Transit Project Delivery K.N. Murthy is giving his update about all the different projects, including the 405 project. He says Metro and Kiewit are each analyzing the causes for the delays. They are currently working to prepare to open a one mile segment, and then a 2.5 mile segment of the HOV lane at the southern end.
  • Now we’re looking at the project budget update from Brian Boudreau, Executive Director - Project Management Oversight. He has an interesting look at the trends nationally of seeing increased construction costs due to supply and demand issues, if you will, among the availability of construction contractors. Brian notes we’re looking at a June 2014 opening. The contractor is asking for more time still [we’ve seen September mentioned elsewhere], Brian notes, but they’re trying to keep within the June date.
  • Item 39, today’s big agenda item relating to the 405 budget, has been pushed to June’s meeting. (It’s hard to imagine that this will help the timeline for the project, to keep pushing these sorts of votes back.)
  • CEO Art Leahy is now giving his update. 
  • The meeting is now over.