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Angelenos Against Gridlock is an advocate for a world-class transportation system for Los Angeles County, the most populous county in America.

Archived 405 Blog Content

LA Times editorial: "anything that would help speed up the project...should be done"

David Murphy


We are grateful to the Los Angeles Times editorial board for joining the ranks of those calling for the 405 project to be sped up.

In their editorial, the Los Angeles Times says, "anything that would help speed up the project — including 24/7 construction or a mini-Carmageddon — should be done."

They blame a variety of factors for the delays, including: too little advance planning within the design-build process, the failure of the retaining (MSE) walls, the local residents who fought the Mullholland Bridge plans, Caltrans for failure to avoid encroachment on the Giro property requiring redoing of the Getty area ramps, and Caltrans for requesting southbound 405 work after the project contract was made.

The LA Times also calls out the Metro Board:  

And don’t forget that Metro has a board overseeing and signing off on the plan and every major modification. It includes all five county supervisors and the mayor, among others. Perhaps it should have raised more questions about how risky and disruptive it might be to do exploratory engineering even as construction was starting. Once it was underway, maybe the board should have been more aggressive about riding herd on the project.

The editorial acknowledges the complexity of the project and amount of work required for this “extraordinary undertaking,” but notes how much Angelenos continue to suffer as delays pile up:

there’s still 60 more weeks of slogging through construction zones for drivers who use or live near the second-most trafficked highway in the country. Residents have already suffered through years of traffic jams, detours and obstacle courses of orange cones…

Click here to read the full editorial.