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Angelenos Against Gridlock is an advocate for a world-class transportation system for Los Angeles County, the most populous county in America.

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Angelenos Against Gridlock Urges VA to Re-Open North Gate

David Murphy

Angelenos Against Gridlock calls on the Veterans Administration to re-open the northern gate of the VA West Los Angeles Medical Center, which was closed for Carmageddon weekend but never re-opened. (Signage on the gate states it is closed at night, when in fact it is now closed 24 hours a day.)

The gate, located near San Vicente Blvd, provided crucial access for veterans and VA commuters, in a neighborhood choked with gridlock. Now, with the gate closed, the nearest alternative entrance can take 20 minutes to inch along to during rush hour.  Note that we’re not saying the VA property should be opened up for pass-through commuters, but that the VA should re-open its existing gate to permit authorized traffic to avoid crippling delays caused by re-routing to alternate gates. (I know quite personally how much of an impact the closed gate has, as I have a relative who works at the VA, and the closure has a huge impact on me personally when I try to pick her up. — David, AAG President.)

Here’s a Google Street View photo of the open gate, in happier days:

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